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By:Eddie Dowd
Published on 2017-12-14 by Singing Dragon

Many of the issues that relate to women's health from period pain to infertility, can be self-treated with Chinese medicine approaches, and this clear and practical guide explains how to assess symptoms and choose the most effective form of treatment. Written for women interested in taking a more active role in their own health and well-being, the book covers health issues of the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and post-partum, menopause, fertility, and fibrocystic breast disease amongst others. Taking a holistic approach that includes the traditional Chinese approach that food is medicine, appropriate recipes are included along with other treatment suggestions. The author provides an overview of the history of Chinese medicine and a clear and simple explanation of the principles of its theoretical basis, including the 5 vital substances, organ theory, channel (meridian theory) and the nature of Yin and Yang, thus providing a context for understanding symptoms from a Chinese perspective, and treatments that can be undertaken at home.

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