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Published on 2020-04-07 by Self Publisher

We have an epidemic going on, and it's not the coronavirus or something like that. No, we have an epidemic of online scammers and con artists who are selling feelings for overpriced tags. We have people who pretend to know everything about business, showing off their sports cars, and then claiming they made the money from something else than people paying them to learn how to make money. It's an endless loop, a thing that has been done before. At least one case mentioned in this book committed suicide after he got busted for scamming people out of millions of dollars. Others have gotten away with their fraud, and some of the most popular motivational speakers are revered worldwide, but if you look at what they really do, you'll puke. What do so many of these fake gurus and scammers have in common? They sell programs that supposedly teach you how to make money. And yes, sometimes they do help, but how do these people make their money? From the things they tell other people to do? No, from the people who pay them for those programs. Webinars, free E-Books, YouTube ads, bragging about income and subtly mentioning words like |millionaire,| |high ticket sales,| and |abundance| have made this game a lucrative con artist industry that millions have fallen victim to. Some of these fake gurus are straight-up lying while others conveniently fail to mention some of the most important things you should know. Dive into the dark realm of scams, cons, and get-rich-quick schemes of today's market. Learn to become skeptical about people who claim to manifest dreams and attract money from the universe, or who pretend to be something they are not. Stop wasting your hard-earned cash on courses that teach things you can find for free online, or seminars in which they tell you to hug each other and say |I| or |Yes| a hundred times before upselling you on their expensive diamond elite program. This is the time to resist these scammers. This is the time to flip off motivational speakers who have nothing to say except for the things they parrot from what they've heard others say. Kick them off their self-made throne. Forget about those fluffers, and figure out how to really make money and stay motivated. I'll see you on the inside.

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