The Polyvagal Theory

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By:Layne Kelly
Published on 2020-04-05 by

Uncover the incredible healing power of the polyvagal theory and supercharge your wellbeing! Do you want to boost your health, reduce inflammation, and overcome illness? Have you heard of the amazing polyvagal theory before, but you're not sure where to start? Interested in discovering how this proven theory can help you supercharge your wellbeing like never before? Then keep reading. Inside this guide, you'll discover a detailed breakdown of the polyvagal theory - a proven and revolutionary way to take charge of your mental and emotional health. With an exploration of what this theory is, how it can help you regulate your physiology and nervous system, as well as strategies for using the polyvagal nerve to overcome trauma, this book is your ticket to understanding the polyvagal theory. Here's what you'll discover inside: The Must-Know Fundamentals of The Polyvagal Theory The Secret To How Your Nervous System Impacts Your Emotions Understanding Your Inner Workings and How The Polyvagal Theory Works Tips And Tricks For Regulating Stress and Negative Emotions A Breakdown of How Trauma and Phobias Impact The Nervous System (and How To Stop Them) Powerful Vagus Nerve Strategies For Healing From Trauma and Mental Illness And Much More... Packed with a wealth of insightful advice and real, step-by-step strategies that anybody can follow, this book offers you a roadmap to healing. Discover how to boost your wellbeing, overcome trauma and mental illness, and begin your journey to a healthier, happier life! Buy now to discover the secrets of the polyvagal theory today!

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